''Your Royalties got me returns for three years of gigs and airplay ā€“ much more than Iā€™d expected just playing local pubs ā€“ thanks!''(singer/songwriter NORMAN LAMONT)
''Many thanks to Ewan at
Your Royalties, it's made a big difference not just getting some well-needed cash (and a nice amount it is!) but also the knowledge that we can actually make our own tunes work for us. You've made it alot easier to claim, woulda been clueless otherwise! Cheers'' (LISA PATON of the group TOWNHOUSE)
''Through a bizarre combination of chance, timing and "virtual friendship" I discovered I had royalties due that I didn't even know about. I was advised to contact Ewan at
Your Royalties, and he would organise getting them to me. The promise, "The cheque's in the post" doesn't usually fill me with confidence, but it was and it duly dropped through my letterbox within a couple of days. You've been great and I look forward to further association with you! Thank you.''(singer/songwriter ROY HENDERSON)
''I used Your Royalties to back-claim a large number of pub gigs I'd done - a great service, really efficient, and even when we hit problems with PRS they persisted until the money came through. I wasn't a PRS member then, and the money wouldn't have been available to me without using their service'' (singer/songwriter


''YR helped us track down a host of previous unclaimed royalties. The service was fast, friendly and professional." (Sher from DAS CONTRAS)


"Ewan from YourRoyalties has been great for us - we've got a nice amount of
cash from just doing small gigs. Even after we've split up, he's still
working for us and getting back dated royalties from the PRS! Great
communication and easy to work with, highly recommended for every gigging
band or singer songwriter - there's money out there for us all!" (Stephen -





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