YOUR ROYALTIES is a service brought to you by music publisher PLATFORM SONGS (an associate of the PRS/MCPS), allowing artists and bands who are performing their own material, the opportunity to receive royalties generated from live gigs of their songs, from radio and tv airplay in the Uk, and other public performance (e.g pub jukeboxes), without the immediate need to join a collection society such as PRS. Mechanical royalties are also claimable if you have had songs included in a commercial physical release over the last 6 years.

If you are a solo artist or group at the early stage of your career, or more established, it may be that you do not want to join The Performing Rights Society directly, avoiding the time consuming task of submitting claims. You may prefer to have us administrate the collection of your royalties, ensuring all relevant radio plays are paid for and all gig performances are submitted correctly. Also with our service, we can BACKDATE your claims for up to 6 years, which you can't do at the time of joining PRS as a direct member! Via Your Royalties, we have earned our writers significant amounts of money in payment for gigs and airplay claims submitted in arrears to PRS.

By means of an administration deal, we will collect the royalties earned from regular gigs you are performing - to qualify you must have played at least 10 small gigs anytime within the last year, i.e you can backdate your claim 12 months from the submission date!. For larger venues and festivals (no minimum claim), we can backdate claims up to 3 years, and for airplay you have received for your songs you can also make a claim up to 3 years in arrears! PRS distribute radio play and live gig revenues 4 times per year, and while rates can obviously vary widely (here are some
cash value examples), a national radio play or concert venue performance can generate a healthy payment. Our form of publishing deal will allow you to retain more control of your songs, with the freedom of being able to give one months notice to us at any time following payment of all claimable backdated royalties as submitted in your initial claim, should you like to terminate the agreement,if for example you are approached by a publishing company offering you a lucrative deal for your songs! All we take is a 20% fee of any royalties collected on your behalf to cover the administration, and a £1 processing fee per distribution.

+ As an added bonus, as long as you are signed with us, we can pitch your songs/tracks to film, tv and advertising projects whenever we receive suitable
SYNC briefs. And the corresponding sound recording rights you grant us are non exclusive, meaning you are free to use your masters for any other purpose you choose - as you retain ownership.

So, whether you are PRS member or not, you could benefit from our collection and pitching services. Our current catalogue includes songs airplayed on BBC Radio2, BBC Radio Scotland, XFM London, XFM Scotland, BBC6 Music, BBC Radio1 and many other stations in the Uk and abroad, so we always strive to sign and work with quality songwriters and artists, as well as providing a platform for artist development via associated label WHIMSICAL RECORDS

This service might suit you if you're a writer with a collection of songs that could potentially earn some money, but you don't have a lot of time or energy to self-publish by registering with a collection society and tracking royalties yourself. And remember - this arrangement is not a long term commitment - you can terminate with a month's notice at any time following payment of your initial backdated claim.

For further info, to discuss the agreements, or if you have any further queries, please email, or give us a call. We offer a dedicated service, and strive to help dedicated songwriters and artists receive the money that is rightfully theirs.

                                                                *** START CLAIMING HERE ***!!

If you'd like to go ahead and allow us to start claiming money that's owed to you, the easiest way to register is by completing the
New Client Registration form which includes a list of straight forward agreement terms. You will also be sent a record of these terms following registration, so you can keep an email copy of the agreement between us.

Following our registration confirmation where we will assign you an account number and allow you a further 24 hours to cancel or discuss terms if you're not happy, you simply need to fill in the Claim For Gig Royalties
form with a minimum of 10 gigs, email it to us by attachment ( , and you're up an running!

If you have any airplay to claim, just complete the Claim For Airplay Royalties 
form, and email it to us by attachment.

Remember you can backdate small gig claims up to one year, and larger venue/festival claims as well as airplay claims for up to 3 years.

++ If you've had any of your songs released in the UK on a physical format (cd/vinyl/dvd etc) within the last 6 years and would like to make a mechanical royalty claim, please click

Whatever method you use to sign up, we will take that as your acceptance to us collecting royalties on your behalf.

We look forward to working with you.






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