YOUR ROYALTIES - terms of agreement between artist/composer and Platform Songs (t/a The Music Elevator).

1.The artist/composer grants to the publisher (Platform Songs) the right to collect royalties as generated by radio play, gigs, public performances and any other royalties collectable via PRS as well as Mechanical royalties via MCPS, for the songs as stated in any gig, airplay or mechanical claim submission to Platform Songs.

2.The artist / composer hereby warrants that the songs are completely new and original songs which have not previously been assigned to any publisher, collection agency or copyright administration company, and do not infringe the copyright in any other song. The artist / composer hereby indemnifies the Publisher from and against all costs, claims, demands, proceedings and damages howsoever arising of any breach of this warranty. The artist / composer confirms he/she is a representative of the musical act as stated on the new client registration form, and has the authority to assign the rights in the songs to Platform Songs, and that all song titles submitted for publishing are genuine songs performed and written by the artist / composer or the artist / composer and another or all other members of the act he/she represents, and that any gig, airplay, performance or mechanical claim details submitted for royalty collection are genuine and accurate.

3. The publisher will credit the artist / composer with 80% of all royalties received from PRS by payment via bank transfer. The publisher will retain 20% of royalties as an administration / processing fee. The artist / composer understands that he/she will be the 'payee' name for any royalties due by bank transfer, and agrees to provide a valid bank account number and sort code in order for the payment transfer of royalties to be processed by the publisher.

4. The artist / composer understands that he/she is able to give one months notice at any time following initial payment (which will include all claimable backdated 
royalties as submitted) and in this case all rights in the songs will be returned to the artist / composer following this period of notice, subject to the  artist / composer 
joining PRS, and re-registering the works (to credit artist/composer with 100% royalty entitlement) previously registered by the publisher. The artist / composer agrees 
to notify the publisher as to which of the previously registered works have been re-registered by the artist / composer, thus allowing the publisher to notify PRS 
requesting removal of those previously registered works to which the publisher has no further interest. Any songs which are either not re-registered or not notified to the publisher as being re-registered by the Artist / Composer will remain published by the publisher, continuing to entitle them to a 20% share of royalties generated.  

Where any revenue generated by this publishing agreement is 

concerned, all rights and obligations that by their nature continue beyond termination shall survive, including, without limitation, indemnification and payment obligations. 

4b. If for any reason the initial backdated claim fails to generate any royalties, then all rights will be returned to artist / composer subject to procedure as outlined in 4. 

4c.The publisher reserves the right to reject a claim if the estimated royalty amount to be generated would not make the claim a worthwhile exercise for the publisher. 

4d.The publisher reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time for whatever reason, provided that the artist / composer still receives 80% of any royalty generated via the publisher up until cancellation or thereafter. 

5. For the purposes of collecting royalties, the artist / composer and the act he/she represents agrees to submit details to Platform Songs of all known UK gigs (ideally a minimum of 10 per submission), whether performed in a pub, club, bar, community centre or hotel, and all known UK radio plays received (for the songs as listed in any gig or airplay claim form) within the last 3 years, and all known UK radio plays received (for the songs as listed in any gig or airplay claim submission to Platform Songs) within the last 3 years. Thereafter, whenever artist / composer and the act he/she represents has performed at least a further 10 gigs within a 12 month period, or received a radio play, this information should be submitted to The Music Elevator  by email to  as long as artist / composer is signed to Platform Songs. Large venue and festival gigs can be backdated up to 3 years and should be notified to us separately from the small gigs. If any of the songs have been included in a physically released format within the last 6 years (e.g cd/vinyl or dvd release) then details of this should also be submitted for a mechanical royalties claim.

6.For the purposes of possible synchronisation to film/tv/advertising etc by Platform Songs, the artist / composer agrees to submit by email any broadcast quality mp3's corresponding to any of the songs as listed in any gig or airplay claim submission to Platform Songs (or later notified to Platform Songs) which they think might be suitable for such placement. These songs and corresponding recordings should represent the highest quality work of the artist / composer and therefore most suitable for submission to the sync catalogue of Platform Songs. Any income received by Platform Songs in the event of a synchronisation deal will result in payment of 50% to artist / composer, with Platform Songs retaining 50%. Platform Songs will have no other rights in the recordings other than the right to place them into a synchronisation deal, these rights being non exclusive, meaning the artist / composer can also submit recordings to other companies for sync or for any other purposes.


Platform Songs is a publisher member of PRS/MCPS (CAE 530081890)

t/a The Music Elevator   +44 (0) 7941815059    


 © The Music Elevator



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